Safety And Convenience At The Fingertips-Reform Of Jiangxi Electric Power Marketing System

Recently, Mr. Zhang who has been working in Jiangxi electric power for more than 10 years, sat in front of a computer to approve the procedures submitted today. After confirming the procedures,  Mr. zhang only needed to press his finger gently on the device. The biometric system quickly read his fingerprint information, automatically generated his electronic signature in the process of approval, and then moved on to the next link.

Safety And Convenience At The Fingertips

Make the process approval more secure and convenient, thanks to the new marketing business system combined with biometric technology launched by Jiangxi electric power in early April. The business system includes the identification system of marketing personnel and the management and control system of capital flow. Fingerprint authentication and approval are added to the key links and key approval nodes in the key processes such as collection and verification, so as to ensure the safety protection and reinforcement of funds and the safety management of operators.

Reform Of Jiangxi Electric Power Marketing System

System advantages:

Security and convenience

Replace the traditional password with fingerprint verification, no need to change the password regularly, no memory burden, no theft, loss, copy and other unsafe conditions, so as to eliminate the possibility of stealing passwords as the main means of internal and external crime.

Nonrepudiation and traceability

Through "Fingerprint Identification", we can completely eliminate the management problems in process approval, such as supplementary approval and representative approval, and any problems can be traced back to the person in charge of any link in the process for verification.


The fingerprint authentication platform and related fingerprint authentication products adopted by Jiangxi power company have been certified by the Ministry of Public Security, the National Cryptography Administration and other institutions. The transaction data of the information system are transmitted in ciphertext to ensure the confidentiality of the data.

This innovative reform of Jiangxi electric power company, the use of biometrics technology, enhances the risk prevention measures and technical means of electric power enterprises, to achieve the safety management of electricity charges and operators.

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