MIAXIS Become Mosip Ecosystem Parnters to Launch Mosip Compliant Sm-91m Secure Biometric Scanner

Miaxis Biometrics supplies MOSIP SBI2.0 compliant secure fingerprint authentication scanners to system integrator of a MOSIP adaptor country.

Fingerprint Reader Module

Miaxis Biometrics (www.miaxis.net) announced that they have supplied MOSIP SBI2.0 (L1) compliant secure fingerprint authentication scanners to system integrator of a MOSIP adaptor country in Asia.

“We are pleased to inform that SM-91M is one among the few authentication biometric devices compliant to MOSIP SBI2.0 specifications”, said Amy, Business Development Director at Miaxis.

Miaxis SM-91M is equipped with FIPS 140-2 level 3 secure processor to provide FTM (Foundational Trust Module) capabilities. FTM provides enhanced security by digitally signing the device identity and encrypting and digitally signing biometric data in all the authentication transactions. FTM keys are securely provisioned in production cycle and FTM certificate details are burned to OTP memory before device is shipped out from factory.

SM-91M is FBI-PIV and Mobile ID FAP20 certified single optical Fingerprint Scanner. It's a compact & portable fingerprint collection device for easy integration with new or existing applications. Powered by USB 2.0/3.0 and supports Windows, Linux and Android operating systems

In partnership with NPrime Technologies (www.nprime.in) that provides MOSIP compliant SBI2.0 service, Management Server and secure FTM provisioning server, Miaxis enables MOSIP authentication applications to capture biometrics securely on Windows and Android hosts.

MOSIP had invited biometric device and “Foundational Trust Module” providers to submit their devices as compliant with MOSIP, in a self-compliance exercise based on the Secure Biometric Interface Specifications 2.0.

MOSIP or the Modular Open Source Identity Platform is a global digital public good that countries and other ID issuing organizations can adapt and customize to develop a foundational ID system. It empowers user organizations to remain in control of the process of conceptualization, development, and maintenance of critical digital infrastructure such as national ID systems.

For instance, Philippines Statistics Authority has a MOU with IIIT-Bangalore for the adoption of MOSIP in the implementation of PhilSys, a foundational national ID system for all citizens of the Philippines and qualified resident aliens.

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