Launch Turnkey Management Platform Solution of Wireless Iot Fingerprint Door Locks

Launch turnkey management platform solution of Wireless IoT fingerprint door locks

- Interview with Miaxis Biometrics' CEO Liang Min

Launch Turnkey Management Platform Solution of Wireless Iot Fingerprint Door Locks

No pain no gain for the past 20yrs

1) The world's first embedded fingerprint recognition module

Almost all fingerprint recognition technology was running on servers or PCs before 2000. This situation finally came to an end when Miaxis launched the world's first embedded fingerprint recognition module in 2000, the same year of its establishment. It’s a milestone in the development of biometric industry. Also makes Miaxis become famous overnight and won the investment from Intel (China). At present, Miaxis' Automatic Biometric Identification System have been widely deployed in the fields of finance, security, public security, government, and electric power etc.

Launch Turnkey Management Platform Solution of Wireless Iot Fingerprint Door Locks

2) Trailblazer and leader in the financial field

Focusing on biometric recognition technologies for nearly 20 years, Miaxis has accumulated well-rounded experience in finance segment since it established, and became the earliest enterprise in China to apply fingerprint identification technology to financial institutions.

Miaxis is the qualified partner of China’s five largest state-owned banks in China to offer fingerprint algorithm and equipments with occupying over 60% financial market share.

3) Deep work on China's National ID Card program

In security segment, as one of the enterprises invited to participate in the discussion and design of China’s National ID Card program, Miaxis was involved in the fingerprint standard formulation for this project. Meanwhile, Miaxis has participated in and undertook the establishment of many national biometric standards. One of the few most qualified core vendor of fingerprint algorithm, modules, system platform and turnkey solutions. Up till now, Miaxis is already authorized partner of biometric products by the Government of China as well as India's.

4) 20 yrs' business with core vision of Managing sustainably

Miaxis has been focusing on the field of biometrics for the past 20 years and witnessed the startup and development of biometric industry in China.

Since founded in 2000, the most impressed feelings are that innovation & talents drives the company's core development. No innovation, no development. Innovation need talents.

That is, development is the top priority, talent is the first resource, and innovation is the first driving force.

Innovation is the first driving force for enterprise development

1) Strong R&D investment and achievements

Miaxis core competitiveness are innovative capabilities, advantages of core algorithms and almost 20yrs’ accumulation of industry system solutions.

Miaxis investments on R&D team, always keep the RD team numbers over 55% of the total. Based on the continuous innovation in core technologies and market applications, Miaxis has created a plenty of industry scenarios with adopted biometrics and has more than 150 patents.

In order to maintain continuous innovation and R&D, Miaxis has established research institutes in Zhejiang and Shenzhen, manufacturing and production facility in Shenzhen, and Suzhou. Nowadays, Miaxis has became one of the few company with complete R&D, production, quality inspection, sales and strong after-sales service and technical support in the field of smart locks.

2) Significant technical advantages

As all known, fingerprint recognition algorithm is the core technology in the field of fingerprint recognition.

Miaixs Justouch fingerprint recognition algorithm- with independent intellectual property rights, not only received the China's top award of national patent and US patent, but is the certified fingerprint algorithm for National ID card program by the Ministry of Public Security, Government of China. It's worth mentioning Miaxis fingerprint template generation algorithm also passed NIST MINEXIII evaluation, ranked no. 2 globally for the speed of template generation, actual average speed result is 79ms, much faster than the standard 500ms.

The advantages of Miaxis’ biometric products and solutions mainly reflects in three aspects as follows

1- continuous investment brings strong core competitiveness.

Miaxis has strong R&D teams, fast launch of new products, years of industrial technology accumulation, and systematic development capablity of product and solution;

2- effective production and quality control, Miaxis has set up its own manufacturing plants base Shenzhen. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, new products can be quickly mass-produced with stable quality;

3- High cost-effective products. Miaxis continuously improves and perfects the products to ensure the product performance, and large-scale production result in cost-effective products.

Launch Turnkey Management Platform Solution of Wireless Iot Fingerprint Door Locks

Empowering smart locks and smart home businesses

1) China's smart locks market is huge and developing rapidly

First of all, with the popularity of smart homes and the warming of the smart lock industry, major cross-border giants have entered the field of smart locks. As a result, the entire smart lock market is confusing, users do not know how to choose; secondly, the current smart lock industry still lacks relevant standards, the implementation rules of fingerprints and electronic anti-theft lock certification are voluntary certification rules, not mandatory; in addition, the current smart lock industry has extremely serious low-cost and inferior quality phenomenon, some enterprises do not hesitate to shoddy for short-term interests, and disrupt the industry and market with the industry's bargain-hunting price and inferior products. However, from the perspective of the global market, in terms of the penetration rate of the civilian smart lock market, Japan and South Korea have reached more than 70%, Europe and the United States have reached 50%, and the domestic has not yet 4%. Therefore, China's E-lock Management System is a huge development space in the future.

2) Miaxis newly launched system platefrom of Wireless IoT fingerprint door locks and hardware and software solutions for smart home.

Launch Turnkey Management Platform Solution of Wireless Iot Fingerprint Door Locks

In the field of smart locks and smart homes, Miaxis does not only provide a single fingerprint identification algorithm and related solutions but provides a complete set of networked lock platforms and smart home hardware and software solutions. The network lock platform and smart home software and hardware solutions launched by Miaxis include complete solutions with products and software, and one-stop services. It multiple business systems (rental houses, public rental houses, schools, etc.), supporting customized services and providing API interfaces based on the Internet of Things protocols such as NB, Lora, and ZigBee etc. The system adopts an open design, which can be easily accessed to different network lock application platforms and can also access network locks of different manufacturers.

Simply speaking, Miaxis' IoT lock platform and smart home hardware and software solutions can provide smart lock enterprises core algorithms, modules, suits, lock platforms, and application platforms and comprehensive solutions. Customers can choose according to their own requirements and quickly launch their own smart lock, lock platform, and application platform. At the same time, with the strong IoT technology and software development capability, Miaxis provides completely customized business system for smart lock enterprises to meet different customer needs and make up for the lack of software development capabilities in smart lock enterprise.

To welcome the bright future of the smart lock industry, Miaxis are ready to provide high-quality one stop products and solutions as well as support of system and platform to its customers.

Miaxis high secure flatform services are open to all smart lock players, it would facilitate the convenience of industrial upgrade of smart locks.

And with Miaxis' wide application and deployment in the public security, government, and financial fields, it could realize the data sharing and exchange between smart locks and these mentioned industries.

It would enable smart locks to achieve real networking, leading the rapid development of the entire industry.

For more information about Miaxis, please check https://www.miaxis.net/

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