MIAXIS Launches SM-93 (SM-93M OEM), FBI-PIV Certified Fingerprint Scanner for Mobile ID FAP30

MIAXIS, a trailblaze and industry-leading manufacturer of biometric devices and systems, launches its FBI-PIV certified Mobile ID FAP30 optical fingerprint authentication scanner SM-93 and SM-93M OEM module. The new contact single fingerprint scanners and modules are born for large-scale identity authentication and are also available for KYCs, banking and law enforcement applications.

The SM-93 readers feature a durable and compact 15mm ultra-slim with IP65-rated FAP30 optical sensor, deployed MIAXIS’s proprietary Justouch® fingerprint recognition algorithm that complies with the NIST MINEX III extractor and matcher. Furthermore, the SM-93 offers Live Finger Detection technology and easy-integration features to enable secure, accurate and fast biometric data capture and matches.

Additionally, MIAXIS is expanding its line of FBI-PIV certified products by releasing the MOSIP compliant secure biometric device SM-91M and its companion OEM module SM-92M, all of which obtain FBI-PIV certificates and are tested under the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) Image Quality Specifications (IQS).

About MIAXIS Biometrics

Founded in 2000, Miaxis Biometrics Co., Ltd., is a trailblazer and industry-leading manufacturer of FBI certified and secured biometric fingerprint devices and multi-modal biometric systems (facial, fingerprint, finger vein, and more). Miaxis is an authorised partner in identity management for government digital ID and finance sectors, with NIST MINEX III compliant fingerprint recognition algorithm.

Miaxis has established itself as a global premium brand in the biometric technology industry by partnering with the government ID programs and committing itself to the biometric solution for over 20 years. Miaxis is the approved vendor of fingerprint scanners for India Aadhaar, the Philippines Philsys, and Pakistan NADRA, the exclusive vendor of Bank of China for bank teller's fingerprint authentication system to interact with the core banking system.

Additionally, Miaxis is the undisputed leader in the finance sector, with over 60% market share in China. Miaxis is the earliest biometric company to deploy a national-scale bank teller's fingerprint authentication management system in China. It has sold over 3 million banking devices globally, trusted by 2000+ bank branches and 100+ financial institutions.

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