Rolling out the MOSIP L1 OEM Module, SM-92M-S

MIAIXIS Biometrics is pleased to receive the invitation from MOSIP to nominate MIAXIS's SM-91M and SM-92M-S compliant with MOSIP and list them under the secure biometric device category on MIAXIS's website.


As the first batch of listing of MOSIP compliant devices, MIAXIS supplied MOSIP SBI2.0 (L1) compliant secure fingerprint authentication scanners (SM-91M) in Jan 2022. After releasing SM-91M, MIAXIS is honoured to announce that we are rolling out the MOSIP L1 OEM Module, SM-92M-S.


SM-92M-S is FBI-PIV, and Mobile ID FAP20 certified single optical authentication fingerprint OEM module, similar to the SM-91M fingerprint scanner, which is also equipped with FIPS 140-2 level 3 secure processor to provide FTM(Foundational Trust Module) capabilities. The devices have adapted with MIAXIS's proprietary Justouch® fingerprint algorithm, which has attained NIST MINEX III exactor and matcher certification.


The list of MOSIP-compliant secure biometric devices implies that the MIAXIS's SM-91M fingerprint scanner and SM-92M-S fingerprint OEM module are aimed primarily at the government identity programs and can be used in existing and future MOSIP-based large-scale identity projects for authentication purposes.


Miaxis is in partnership with NPrime Technologies to provide MOSIP-compliant SBI2.0 service, Management Server, and secure FTM provisioning server, enabling MOSIP authentication application to capture biometrics securely on Windows and Android hosts.

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