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Product Name: Miaxis Fingerprint algorithm


Based on nearly two decades’biometric recognition industry experience and innovative technologies accumulation, Miaxis's core software fingerprint recognition system platform, which adopts world-renowned Justouch® fingerprint algorithm, has been deeply trusted by 2000+ financial institutions, particularly, the head offices of China's five largest state-owned banks and commercial banks with occupying over 60% domestic market share.

Furthermore, Miaxis patented Justouch® fingerprint recognition algorithm is full qualified by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security and Indian Government, also recognized by international competitions and compliances including STQC, FVC and NIST MINEX III.


●  Intelligent Image Processing

The algorithm performs intelligent image processing according to the habits and thinking methods of human observation and discrimination. Using the genetic experience method capable of self-accumulation to faithfully express the characteristics of the original fingerprint image, and effectively classifies and screens the features to ensure their distinctiveness, stability and independence, etc.

● High performance according to national and international standards

National standard by Chinese Ministry of Public Security for Chinese ID card program

-EER < 0.1%, -FAR <0.05% (at a fixed FRR=0.5% ),-1:1 matching <0.5s


International benchmark standard NIST MINEX III compliant Miaxis's fingerprint template generator algorithm

-interoperable PIV Level 1 MINEX III-compatible

-accurate native PIV Level 2 MINEX III compliant template generator 


 ●Great portability 

All source codes are fully written in C/VC,which provides great portability to virtually any platform.For instance, embedded chip platforms (such as DSP,ARM,STM32,N329XX,I94113/I94124, GD32FFPR,ACH512); mobile platforms such as IOS and Android; X86 platforms such as Windows, LINUX, UNIX etc.

 ●Biometric standards support.

ISO 19794-2&ANSI 378 Template Options 

 ●Fast Extracting & Matching Speed

Easily processing and verifying a 500dpi fingerprint image with size 256×256 pixels in 60ms



The algorithm code length is less than 48 KB, and the data memory space is less than 64 KB.It's the world's simplified fingerprint recognition algorithm.



Case Study:

MIAXIS Fingerprint recognition algorithm  JUSTOUCH®