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MIAXIS Biometrics becomes the first batch of MOSIP’s Marketplace Listing

Pulished on Jun. 15, 2022

MIAXIS Biometrics is pleased to receive the invitation from MOSIP to nominate MIAXIS’s SM-91M and SM-92M-S compliant with MOSIP and will list them in MOSIP’s Marketplace. As the first batch of listing, MIAXIS supplied MOSIP SBI2.0 (L1) compliant secure fingerprint authentication scanners in Jan 2022.


MIAXIS SM-91M is FBI-PIV, and Mobile ID FAP20 certified single optical authentication Fingerprint Scanner equipped with FIPS 140-2 level 3 secure processor to provide FTM (Foundational Trust Module) capabilities. FTM provides enhanced security by digitally signing the device identity and encrypting and digitally signing biometric data in all the authentication transactions. FTM keys will be provisioned securely during the production chain, and FTM certificate details are burned to OTP memory before the device ships out from the factory.


MIAXIS is in partnership with NPrime Technologies to provide MOSIP compliant SBI2.0 service, Management Server, and secure FTM provisioning server, enabling MOSIP authentication applications to capture biometrics securely on Windows and Android hosts.


MIAXIS is a one-stop financial grade and MOSIP compliant secure biometric devices manufacturer with its own proprietary fingerprint ISO/ANSI SDK, MIAXIS has introduced biometric devices and multi-biometrics systems (facial, fingerprint, finger vein, etc.) to the ID authentication field over the last two decades.


MOSIP is a modular and open-source identity platform that helps user organisations such as Governments cost-effectively implement a foundational digital ID while embracing the best practices of scalability, security, and privacy, harnessing the power of the open-source.


As the implementation of digital ID systems accelerates across the globe, a growing community of partners and vendors gear up to make MOSIP-compliant biometric devices and solutions available worldwide. To help reduce the gap between adopters and technology providers, MOSIP is working on a marketplace to list MOSIP complainant products and technology solutions.


To efficiently and transparently introduce the adoption of MOSIP's platform to governments, policymakers, potential partners, and civil society. The Marketplace will allow partners to showcase their technologies and solutions to build an interconnected digital environment for enhancing MOSIP as a Digital Public Good.