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  • Miaxis MR-500
  • Miaxis MR-500
  • Miaxis MR-500

Product Name: Miaxis MR-500


Miaxis® MR-500 All-in-One Fingerprint Card Reader Desktop is a compact, versatile biometric desktop for integrating contact & contactless smart card readers, Magnetic stripe Card reader into one device with built-in fingerprint authentication scanner.


●Contact card reader ISO/IEC 7816, EMV, PBOC2.0

●Contactless card reader ISO14443 type A&B

●Magstripe card reader ISO7810, ISO7811, ISO7812 

●363 dpi resolution

●Fingerprint authentication scanner with capacitive sensor

●Live Fingerprint Detection

ProcessorSecure CPUApproved by State Cryptography Administration 
Office of Security Commercial Code Administration (OSCCA)
Fingerprint sensor Sensor typeCapacitive sensor
Touch LifetimeAt least 1M finger placements
Live finger detectionSupport
AdoptionStrong adoption for moist,dirty,broken fingers
Fingerprint algorithmFAR≤0.001%
Matching mode1:1,1:N
Memory spaceAt least 32K EEPROM
Working environmentWorking temp.-10~60℃
Storage temp.-20~80℃
Work Humidity20~90%
RS232 Baud rate1200BPS- 115200BPS optional
EMCESD toleranceIEC 61000-4-2 level 4+/-15KV air discharge
EMIIEC 61000-4-3 level 2
API for supported OS and architectureSupports API interface for Windows/UNIX/Linux,and support for C/S,B/S application and JAVA call
Additional requirements(optional)Hardware Encryption&Decryption AlgorithmSupport hardware high-speed data encryption algorithm ,DES,3DES etc.
Hardware key managementFunctions include key create,key store,rekeying
Security featurePrevent from attacks of DPA/SPA
Bus scrambling
storage of encrypted data into security chip
unique series number