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  • Miaxis FRM-101
  • Miaxis FRM-101
  • Miaxis FRM-101

Product Name: Miaxis FRM-101


Miaxis® FRM-101 face recognition module is composed of near-infrared sensors, low-power high-performance ARM9 processors and FLASH and other chips, with features such as face image processing,template extraction, template matching, face search and template storage.


●Strong adaptability

In the process of face image reading, near infrared image acquisition technology is used to effectively reduce the external ambient light interference, which can be used in the environment of outdoor or dim light. Face adaption deflection angle and distance range are wide, wear myopic glasses, smile expression and so on do not affect comparison, convenient user to use.

●Easy to use and easy to expand

There is no need for Facial identification expertise to apply. The user can develop a powerful facial identification application system according to the rich control instructions provided.

●Ultra-low power consumption

Provide user dormancy, wake up control interface. It is suitable for ultra-low power consumption occasions.

●Flexible in setting security levels

Users can set different levels of security for different applications.

●Integrated design

Integrated form, easy to install, and meet the user product miniaturization design.

ItemSpecificationTest condition
Power supply4.0V~6.4V(DC)
Operating current≤100mA5V Power supply
Peak current≤450 mA5V Power supply
Shut off the current≤8uA5V Power supply,enable control low level current
Search speed≤1.5s1:100 Search speed, face near infrared camera, distance from 40cm~70cm
Power on time≤700msPower to receive instruction time
Recognition rate≥99.5%Face near infrared camera, distance from 40cm~ 70cm.
Face capacity100 templates
External interfaceUART*Default baud rate is 115200bps
Module size40.0×50.0×15.0mm
Face template size15 048bytes
Storage temperature-20℃ ~ 60℃
Working temperature-10℃ ~ 50℃