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  • Fingerprint Verification SDK

Product Name: Fingerprint Verification SDK


Justouch® Fingerprint Verification SDK is designed to

• Generate ANSI / INCITS 378 and ISO / IEC 19794-2 (2005 & 2011) compliant templates from an input fingerprint images

• Match ANSI / INCITS 378 and ISO / IEC 19794-2 compliant templates

Easy to integrate seamlessly into standard-alone fingerprint scanner and biometric integrated terminals from any brands for a broad range of identity verification via biometric data use cases.


• Biometrics standard, ANSI 378, ISO 19794-2

• MINEX III certified template generator with extraction speed ranked No. 2

• Chinese government top 7 fingerprint matcher algorithm for 1: 1 verification (1-to-many identification supported)

• Auto-activated SDK base Algorithm license

• Supports fingerprint images captured by 3rd party Scanners

• Multiple OS supported, Android, Windows, Linux

• Customized SDK supported other functions, latent rejection, live finer detection, image conversion tool, etc.

Fingerprint Verification SDK