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  • Biomax® Multi-modal Biometrics Identification System

Product Name: Biomax® Multi-modal Biometrics Identification System


Miaxis® Biomax® multi-modal identity authentication platform is based on core fingerprint recognition technology and combination methods of face recognition, finger-vein recognition technologies, develops and achieves multi-modal recognition system from multiple features exaction,biometric template cloud storage and multi-biometrics matching services.

The platform is capable of comparing two or more combined biometric features, more secure and accurate during identity authentication process.Widely applied in Finance,Security,Hotel sectors.


Biomax® multi-biometrics identification system is designed to build a single or cross-biological identification solution for face recognition, fingerprint recognition and vein recognition, and supplemented by traditional security verification methods to solve customers' online and offline Security problems for identity verification of various business users, and can be used as a bioinformatics database for other business systems.


Biomax® Multi-modal Biometrics Identification System