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Our technical experts were devoted to fingerprint core algorithm R & D since 1996, and in 2001, united with Zhejiang University, we established “ Miaxis-Zhejiang University Laboratory”. During the past ten years more experience, we develop all hardware and software ourselves and own the completely intellectual property rights, at present we have more than 100 items domestic and foreign patents, of which 40% are invention patents, and were authorized by USPO. Our fingerprint verification system and solutions obtains SIPO highest award “China Patent Excellence Awards ”. Our algorithm ”Justouch” was listed the first ten worldwide during our consecutively three sessions participating of FVC. Miaxis has become one of the most competitive fingerprint company in the world, and is the only one company simultaneously owning fingerprint sensor, fingerprint dedicated chip and fingerprint algorithm.
Miaxis joined the international BioAPI Consortium  (there are other members such as INTEL, COMPAQ and American National Institute of Standards and TechnologyBioAPI international standard 1.1 edition, and draft China first fingerprint industry standard” fingerprint anti-theft lock general technical conditions GA701-2007” ,which has been issued upon approval of Ministry of Public Security. etc) and TCPA, and participated to formulate the
Miaxis fingerprint products have been using by more than 25 million users with the amount of more than 800 thousand approved terminals well selling in more than 30 countries such as North America, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Brazil etc. Miaxis set up two production bases in Hangzhou and Suzhou, where has the complete industrial design manufacturing chain such as products R & D, optical module design, technological design, Mold Design, assembly line, quality control etc., with the daily production capacity more than 8000sets!
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