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Miaxis Participate Hangzhou International Marathon Campaign
       Hangzhou international Marathon campaign is praised as “The most beautiful Marathon” began at Huanglong sports center on 8 am, 2nd Nov, 2014. There are thirty thousand runners participate the game, came from 35 countries and districts, such as Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, the United States, France and China’s Hongkong and Taiwan. The number of participates create a new record.


       Mr. Lijian, the president of Miaxis, led 12 employees to join the competition. During competition, Miaxis athletes competed with each other, encouraged each other, enjoyed the event and then exceed expectation. Especially Mr. Lijian challenged the full Marathon successfully once again. Miaxis athletes explained the full spirit of Marathon “Struggle, Forge ahead, Go forward and Never stop”, and vividly showed the value of Miaxis “Teamwork, Proactive and Innovative”


       After competition, Miaxis athletes expressed that they will achieve higher goal for next year, and call on more Miaxis employees to take part in Marathon. From them, we kwon that  Marathon is not only a game, but also a kind of growing up. Then this spirit motivates us to overcome any difficult in the future.


       Life is like the marathon, only struggle to victory. So is enterprise. Miaxis insist on “world-class, century old brand”, and employees will never stop and continue to achieve higher goal.