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Fingerprint Overview
Fingerprint is the protruding ridge of human skin on the finger, one of the most commonly used is the ridge of the first knuckle on the finger. The fingerprint image is shown below
Fingerprint identification technology is the technology that adopts certain characteristics of fingerprints to make the identification and authentication. The working principle is the below process. Pre-register the fingerprint, then store the fingerprint templates generated by the algorithm in the media. When make verification or authentication, match collecting fingerprint and stored fingerprint templates, match results will decides whether pass authentication. As shown in 
Fingerprint Identification Technology is internationally recognized most widely, most affordable, easy-to-use highly biometrics technology. It features the below characteristics. 
Each person's fingerprints are unique, The same fingerprints don’t exist.
Each person's fingerprints are quite stable. They don’t change with age or physical health change.
Fingerprints are easy to collect. Fingerprint collection is easy to realize for the hardware implementation and easy to develop recognition systems.
Ten of a person's fingerprints are not the same, so can easily make use of multiple fingerprints to set multiple passwords, thus improve system security.
Fingerprint templates are not the original fingerprint images in the fingerprint verification system. The fingerprint templates are the key characteristics extracted from fingerprint images, thus the storage is small and can protect the user's personal privacy.
From the above analysis, we can see the fingerprint verification technology has not only many unique advantages on information security but also has high practicability and feasibility compared with other identity recognition technologies. Thus the fingerprints are well-deserved the first physical evidence. 

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