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Fingerprint Reader System
FPR-620 Optical fingerprint reader with Miaxis complete independent intellectual property has the functions of fingerprint enrollment, image processing, template generating, and fingerprint verification etc. It is widely used in banks, traffic sectors, hospitals, revenue and education sectors. It can realize Windows secure logon by fingerprint, in stead of password, IC card etc so as to make real security.
Miaxis can provide the SDK and technical support for developer and system integrator.

Product features:
1. Biometrics identification, real security.
2. Compact, lightweight and portable
3. High-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor
4. Resistance to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock
5. Fast and accurate verification
6. SDK with examples of Multi-language for development, such as: VB, VB.NET, DELPHI, VC, C#.NET.
7. Realize windows secure logon, screen-lock, file encryption and decryption.


Available for developing any applications system with fingerprint identification, it is widely used in the field of E-government, finance industry, telnet etc.

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