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Fingerprint Access Control System

With world leading Justouch fingerprint algorithm, Miaxis’ Access Control Solution has maximized the user convenience and security, by resolving the problems of other conventional Access Control Systems that apply RF cards or password keys. Not like other existing fingerprint-based entry control systems, Miaxis’ Access Control solution can offer diverse high-level Access Control functions at an affordable price, and it is easy for  installation.

Miaxis's Access Control Solution doesn't have space limitation utilizing a convenient TCP/IP-based Internet network or RS232/485 or USB, and can perfectly support diverse entry control functions, beginning from those of simple One-Door Access Control System to even more complicated network type Access Control System.

Miaxis's Access Control Solution features single person single finger open door, single person multi-fingers open door, multi-person multi-fingers open door as well as door bell alarm, special fingerprint alarm, door violence prevention alarm, access control reader violence prevention alarm.etc.

Solution Configurations:
Access control device: It can make fingerprint verification. The sets of it depends on staff number and entry/exit number.
Door controller: Door open and close is controlled by it.
Electronic lock: The door is opened or closed by it.
Network cable: It is used to connect multi-access control or with server.
Server:  Above PC433 computer with OS Windows XP/2000/2003
Software: Miaxis access control management system, SQL Server2000/Access database.


Solution Application:
Buildings that require tight security and entry control, such as those that house corporations, public and government institutions, financial groups, and research centers.
Bank, hotel, club, entertainment center, business house, etc.
Key entry or exit for buildings, machine room of management, material warehouse, machinery room, key offices, finance office, etc.
Jewelry shop, exam room, prison, factory, school, research institute, enterprise, residential, etc.

Headquarter office
R&D center
production line
Aging room
Test room
Sales service center