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SM-621B Fingerprint Module
Independent intellectual property rights
SM-621B module uses optical fingerprint sensor. Its hardware includes low power ARM9 microprocessor and FLASH. Its functions include: fingerprint image process, template extraction, template match, fingerprint search and template store.

Independent intellectual property rights

All the technologies include optical fingerprint reader, module hardware and fingerprint algorithm are developed by MIAXIS.


Excellent algorithm performance


Strong fingerprint adaptability

During reading the fingerprint image, it uses the adaptive parameter adjustment mechanism. The image quality is good enough for dry or wet finger. Support 360 degree searching.


Price is better

The optical parts are self developed for the reason of cost saving.


Easy to use and convenient expansion


Low power

Provide sleep and wakeup function.


Flexible set security level


Integrated design

Integrated design is flexible for installation.


Living fingerprint capture

Add the sensor for living fingerprint to prevent fake fingerprint. The living capture function can be switched on and off.

  Power supplier
3.6V-7V (DC)
Working current
< 80mA
Peak current
< 100mA
Fingerprint entry time
< 100ms
  1:1 match time
< 400ms
1:256 search time
< 2s
The store number of fingerprint*
   FAR    < 0. 001 %
   FRR    < 1.5 %
   Interface    UART*
   Module size    55.0×22.0×24.5mm
   Template size    256bytes
   Store temperature    -40 C ~ 85 C
   Working temperature    -20C ~ 60C

SM-621B module can be applied from low end to high end fingerprint systems such as:

Safe cabinet, door locks.

Access systems.

Fingerprint IC card terminal

Fingerprint identification and authentication system connect with computers

According to the reference of handbook, the developer can produce any kinds of fingerprint application systems.