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SM-62U Capacitor Fingerprint Identification Module
Self-proprietary Intellectual Property
SM-62U includes high performance ARM9 CPU and FLASH chips. Its functions include fingerprint image process, template extracting, template matching, fingerprint searching and template storing.

Self-proprietary Intellectual Property

Optical fingerprint collection device, module hardware and fingerprint algorithm are all self developed by Miaxis.


High Adaptation to Fingerprints

When reading fingerprint images, it has self-adaptive parameter adjustment mechanism, which improves imaging quality for both dry and wet fingers. It can be applied to wider public.


Algorithm with Excellent Performance

SM_62U module algorithm is specially designed according to the image generation theory of the optical fingerprint collection device. It has excellent correction & tolerance to deformed and poor-quality fingerprint.


Easy to Use and Expand

User does not have to have professional know-how in fingerprint verification. User can easily develop powerful fingerprint verification application systems based on the rich collection of controlling command provided by SM_62U module.

All the commands are simple, practical and easy for development.


Low Power Consumption

Operation current <80mA, and sleeping current is 10uA, are specifically good for battery power occasions.


Flexible to set the security levels

The user can define the level of security himself to adapt the different applications.


Living finger detection

Effectively detect the living finger, in order to identify the fake fingerprint.

 DC4.8V ~ 6V
 Working current
 35 mA
 Peak current
 50 mA
 Power up time
 200 ms
 Fingerprint recording time
 < 200ms
 1:1 match time
 < 350ms
 1:10 search time
 < 400ms
 The content of fingerprint storage
 1024/1776 *
 False accept rate(FAR)
 < 0. 0001 %
 < 0.1 %
 UART interface, TTL
 Communication baud rate
 57600bps, 1 start byte,8bytes data, 1stop byte
 Module size
 Sensor size
 The size of image windows
 The size of fingerprint template
 Image grey
 8bytes, 256 levels
 Working temperature
 Recommended working temperature
 Storage temperature


SM-62U module has the wide application area. It is suitable from low end to high end fingerprint identification systems, such as:  

Fingerprint safe case/cabinet and fingerprint lock

The functions of fingerprint register, deleting and searching can be controlled with the micro processor. Based on the return value from the module, it controls the door access, audio and light reminding and alarm.

Fingerprint access, IC card system and hand hold POS terminal

The micro processor controls the input with keypad, display with LED and the driver. The communication between the micro processor and the module is UART interface, according to the command mode.


On-line application

In some complicated systems, the module can be used as the identity management via PC or internet. It plays a more rich and colorful featuressuch as online patrol system and library borrowing and returning system, etc.

We will provide the SDKs for PC and 8051 CPU based on the requirement. The developer can develop each kind of fingerprint identification systems based on the technical information of this handbook.