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Fingerprint Car Lock System
Super Security:
Strong Compatibility
Friendly Operation
Strong Adaptability
Rich Application Experiences
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SecuCarTM fingerprint car lock is first released fingerprint car lock system in the world. It combines Miaxis several years’ fingerprint algorithm research, car security technology , chip design technology and humanized design concept. Miaxis has the complete self-independence intellectual properties of fingerprint car lock system and is granted about ten patents worldwide. The system installed inside the car, which does not allow the car to be started without fingerprint verification even if right key is used. It immobilizes the car in absence and prevents the car from theft, robbery or use by non-authorized persons.
(1)Against Theft: no ignition without fingerprint verification, no worry for the crack or steal the car key.
(2)Against Robbery: driver can leave the car quickly when suffering robbery, no ignition without fingerprint verification.
(3)Authorization Management: special classification of authorization management function is available, providing effective management method for enterprises groups, banks, insurances, automobile leasing etc.
(1)Super Security: adopt world class fingerprint verification technology, guaranteeing the identification unique
(2)Super Stability: adopt automobile bridge-relays to protect the car entire lines from being disturbed. The controller with aluminum alloy case guarantees the stable operation of system
(3)Strong Compatibility: compatible with all cars’ original security system without need to change car’s original device.
(4)Friendly Operation: voice leading makes the easy operation
(5)Strong Adaptability: it can work under any environment in the world. It has wider working temperature -30íŠ~80íŠ and wider working humidity:40%RH~85%RH
(6)Rich Application Experiences: more than three years successful application in thousands of cars all over the world.
(7)Magic Backup: unique backup card for emergency without fingerprint verification. Convenient for car repair or maintenance without fingerprint verification.
(8)Value Added Service: retro fits and custom installations are available to blend the biometric unit in with the original design of the vehicle.
(9)Wide Car Integration: almost any vehicles, such as personal vehicles (cars/vans), commercial (trucks/HGV)
(10)Exact Alarm: the management controller will not make any sound. It will emit alarm only when illegally disassembled.
Fingerprint scanner
Miaxis optical fingerprint sensor
aluminum alloy case, microprocessor DSP(TI)
Power supply voltage
Power supply current
Peak current/Sleep current
500mA/less than100mA
Fingerprint enrollment time
Fingerprint search time
Fingerprint storage capacity
18(can be extended)
Product life
more than ten years
Work environment
temperature -30íŠ~80íŠ
humidity:40%RH~85%RH (no dew)
Demo case dimension(cm)
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