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Fingerprint Algorithm
Miaxis owns fingerprint verification algorithm with self-independent IP and gains several national invention patents. Miaxis algorithm has the below three generations according to the realization theory.
1) Minutiae-based Fingerprint Matching Algorithm
2) Ridge-based Fingerprint Matching Algorithm
3) Image-based Fingerprint Matching Algorithm

Three algorithms have their respective advantages and meet the different needs of applications.
Miaxis algorithm has the following characteristics:
1) Intellectualized
Intelligent image processing as human thinking way, faithfully deliver the original fingerprint image characteristics, effectively sort the characteristics and ensure its differentiability, stability and independency.
2) Small Volume
Code length of Miaxis algorithm is less than 48KB, data buffer less than 16KB, and the memory demand is less than 64KB,it is the most reduced fingerprint verification algorithm in the world.
3) Rapid Speed
Miaxis algorithm just needs 60 MIPS. To process and verify a 64KB fingerprint image, it can effect the fingerprint verification easily on all normal processor platforms.
4) High Portable Ability 

Miaxis algorithm adopts standard C Language which is easily porting in different platform. At present, Miaxis algorithm has been widely used in DSP, ARM etc embedded platform, and Windows¡¢UNIX¡¢LINUX etc operation system.