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SM-2B Fingerprint Module Handbook
Capacitive FPC sensor
Easy developing
SM-2B fingerprint identification module is made of high speed DSP processor, FPC capacitor sensor, and FLASH memory chips, etc. The host computer controls the fingerprint identification module via RS232 interface. The functions achieve fingerprint image scanning and processing, fingerprint feature acquisition, fingerprint template recording, fingerprint template store, fingerprint match, fingerprint searching.

Full functions

It can complete functions as: fingerprint recording, image processing, feature extraction, template generation, template store, fingerprint match(1:1) or fingerprint searching(1:N).


Easy to use

1. The developer does not need to understand the dedicated theory of fingerprint process.

2. Hardware Interface

* Power supplier: standard 5V .

* RS232 serial interface.

3. Software interface.

* Rich instruction set. It can be customized if there is any customized requirement.


Wide Application range

* Safe box, door locks;

* Time attendance and access control system;

* Fingerprint IC card verification terminals;

* The embedded systems to connect with the hosts as servers, business terminals, computers, mobile devices.


Fingerprint template with high content

It saves up to 256 fingerprint templates.


Low Power

Normal working current<80mA, peak working current<120mA.


Power supplier


Working current

80mA (typical value)

Peak current


Fingerprint image recording time

< 0.5s

Matching method

Matching mode (1:1)
Searching mode (1:N)

Storage capacity

256 templates

Searching time

<1.0swhen 1:256 in average

Security level

five levels from 1 to 5(low to high)

False accept rate(FAR)


Rejecting true rate


Host interface


Communication baud rate

57600bps(customized baud rate is possible)

Working environment

Temperature: -10 degree to +40 degree
Relative humidity: 40%RH to 85%RH (no condensation)

Storage environment

Temperature: -20 degree to +45 degree
Relative humidity: <85%RHno condensation

Module size (LxWxH, basic type, customization under requirement.): 76x46x6mm
Sensor size (LxWxH) 33.4x20.4x2.4mm