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Fingerprint Car Lock System
SecuCarTM fingerprint car lock is first released fingerprint car lock system in the world. It combines Miaxis several years¡¯ fingerprint algorithm research, car security technology , chip design technology and humanized design concept. Miaxis has the complete self-independence intellectual properties of fingerprint car lock system and is granted about ten patents worldwide. The system installed inside the car, which does not allow the car to be started without fingerprint verification even if right key is used. It immobilizes the car in absence and prevents the car from theft, robbery or use by non-authorized persons.
FB-100 Fingerprint Safe Box Module
Miaxis is the drafting company of the industry standard of The Ministry of Public Security of China "fingerprint anti-theft lock general technical conditions"
FB-100 fingerprint safe box module kit is developed according to safe box factory requirement for their easy combination with fingerprint safe box, it includes fingerprint module and safe box controller with the advantages of low cost, easy operation, compact design.