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Fingerprint Reader
FPR-620 Optical Fingerprint Reader
1. Biometrics identification, real security.
2. Compact, lightweight and portable
3. High-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor
4. Resistance to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock
5. Fast and accurate verification
6. SDK with examples of Multi-language for development, such as: VB, VB.NET, DELPHI, VC, C#.NET. 
7. Realize windows secure logon, screen-lock, file encryption and decryption.
FT-2BU Capacitive Fingerprint Reader
FT-2BU fingerprint reader, developed by Miaxis Biometrics Co., Ltd., is aimed at collecting live fingerprint with USB interface.
With some accessorial application software£¬it can be integrated as social fingerprint collecting system, online fingerprint device, online fingerprint time and attendance machine, fingerprint local protection system and fingerprint network logon system. In order to make more convenient for secondary developers in the application field, we provide corresponding development kits.