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Fingerprint Reader
SM-201 Wireless Fingerprint Reader
ˇń Wireless interface(Bluetoothˇ˘Wi-Fi), compatible with mobile platform;
ˇń Charging by connecting with USB interface or adapter;
ˇń USB interface, compatible with terminal interface;
ˇń Plug and play devices,supporting hot plug. Dispense with Maintenance;
ˇń High security;
ˇń Powerful expansibility;
ˇń Easyˇ˘fast and convenient operation;
ˇń Non-repudiation & traceability;
ˇń Lightweight & visually appealing.
SM-2D Fingerprint Reader
The fingerprint reader with contacting IC card for bank teller is developed by Miaxis biometrics Co.ltd based on the requirement from different Chinese banks. This device connects with the computer terminals inside the bank via series interface or USB interface. It replaces the traditional login method (IC card plus password) with the fingerprint plus IC card. The device is safe, reliable and convenient, and enhances the security of the bank system. The device is widely applied inside most Chinese banks. Based on the different requirement, Miaxis Biometrics Co. Ltd can provide different types of solution. The device is also customized under the requirement of the clients.
FPR-622 Optical Fingerprint Reader
1. Biometrics identification, real security.
2. Compact, lightweight and portable
3. High-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor
4. Resistance to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock
5. Fast and accurate verification
6. SDK with examples of Multi-language for development, such as: VB, VB.NET, DELPHI, VC, C#.NET. 
7. Realize windows secure logon, screen-lock, file encryption and decryption.
FT-2B Capacitive Fingerprint Reader
FT-2B fingerprint reader is an intelligent device device.Considering of DSP,FPC sensor,and Flash,it can conduct fingerprint enrollment,image processing,fingerprint matching,and fingerprint searching and templates storage under the command of HOST(PC or MCU).