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Fingerprint Access Control
MX600 Fingerprint Access Control
MX-600 adopts world leading Justouch fingerprint algorithm, TCP/IP for easy central management of many units in one network. Fingerprint verification for access control and attendance records, supports one user, multi-users combination door open, entry control for different time zones and holidays. It has the function of threatened alarm, illegal door open alarm, illegal dismantlement alarm, lock controller disconnection alarm, close door overtime alarm, fingerprint sensor anti-theft alarm, management and maintenance of user information, user logs, and parameters.
MX460 Fingerprint Access Control Reader
Fast and accurate fingerprint algorithm
ˇ¤less than 1s for 1:3000

Easy and convenient connection
ˇ¤RS232 communication, max communication rate is 115200bps
ˇ¤RS485 remote bus line, max communication distance is 1.2KM(9600bps)
ˇ¤Built-in TCP/IP 10Base-T ethernet communicaton, max communication rate is 10Mps